From the idea to the project

The concepts and information collected during the brief lay down the foundations for the study phase of the product and the execution of the shoe design. There are 4 main steps.





R & D

Research: The key to development

Research on the target market is the backbone of the industrial design work of AC Studio.

The full understanding of customer needs within the selected market area constitutes a fundamental point in making footwear or any other item capable of communicating and making itself noticed by the consumer. The research phase highlights the success point of the main competitors, assesses the innovations within the market and examines the possibilities of exploiting new production techniques.

First and foremost: Sensations

Moodboard: Communication through sensations

The moodboard composition is another fundamental phase to identify the ideas, sensations and concepts for the efficient development of a product.

The moodboard comprises the basic indications around which the concept is to be developed and creates a visual representation which is easy to interpret and consult.

Posture & Biodynamics

Study of the shape

The study of the shape is particularly important for AC Studio design studio. It is during this phase that the problems concerning posture, a correct walk and the interaction between the consumer and the product are taken into consideration.

AC Studio uses vanguard technology to check the load distribution during the walk and thanks to the study on the biodynamics of the foot can draw new information and ideas to orient creativity which is then put at the customer’s service.

Style and innovation

Towards constant innovation

Aesthetics, design and the presentation of the product, supported by a technological and communication strategy are defined according to specific stylistic choices: lines, colours, textures, finishings, application of innovative and performing materials allow AC Studio di present the final customer a complete footwear which has been studied under every aspect.

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