The design studio is team leader for footwear design, development and production.

AC Studio is a team leader in the design of casual and outdoor sports footwear for men, women and children. It combines its research into lasts to the study of the outsole bearing in mind the biomechanics of the foot to ensure the correct posture as well as an analysis of the international market.

The market research carried out collects data coming from Europe, USA, Japan, South Korea, Asia and China and widens the market horizon of its customers thanks to its 30-year experience in the Far East production areas.

Over the last thirty years the design studio AC Studio has embedded into its DNA the commitment, curiosity, speed and passion by working within a young and dynamic milieu.

The client is the starting point of any footwear development. AC Studio adds the study and research of materials and technical details for its execution all the way to the complete definition of the requested item.



Shoe delevopment

A team of dynamic and innovative professional designers, technicians and researchers.

AC Studio‘s main strength lies in its staff. Indeed, AC Studio is a team of researchers, designers and technicians whose project ideas are developed and followed through to the execution of the footwear prototype.

The team also comprises young graduates from different sectors: a source of continuous evolution and innovation ensuring the design studio a continuous interface with new instruments and ideas.

A group which developed over time and which has been able to offer the necessary space to young minds, interactions and human value.

Always searching for new materials and technologies.

“Dream big, work hard and surround yourself with love.”