The Brief is a fundamental moment to lay the foundations of the project and collect information for the development of the footwear and its subsequent distribution in the market.


During the shoe design phase all the stylistic aspects and the shape of the footwear are considered and the problems concerning correct posture are tackled.


The outsole design phase is just as important. The postural aspect and the study of the outsole are developed bearing in mind the customer's requests.


The development of the footwear transforms the project into reality. At the outset of this phase it is important to solve any and every production problem which may cause criticalities during the shoe production phase.


Thanks to a network of collaborations, AC Studio can manage the production of the shoe both within the Sportsystem District of Montebelluna and/or on a worldwide scale.


The Brief is a fundamental starting point in the relationship between the customer and the designer.

During this phase all the information necessary for product development, its subsequent successful positioning on the market and the target is collected and becomes the basis for the project and its creative phase.


From the ideas and information collected during the brief the design and study phase of the footwear begins. Research: concerning the target market of reference, the moodboard compositions visibly identifying the inspirations and the ideas lying behind the projects, the very important study of the shape, the design style choices and a thrust towards the constant innovation of the product and the shoe production methods.

The study of the shape is particularly important for AC Studio since it is during this phase that the problems concerning posture are tackled.

Outsole design

From the postural point of view the study and the design of the outsole are just as important.

AC Studio studies this aspect in a very targeted manner with constant measurements in the walk and in the posture. Thanks to vanguard technological instruments AC Studio can elaborate and transfer into an outsole all the characteristics requested by the customer during the briefing phase.

The importance of such studies is confirmed by the collaboration with Vibram – the leading outsole development company.

Product development

To optimise the production process AC Studio’s team also includes model maker experts capable of transforming projects into reality. During this phase they highlight any possible critical points in the subsequent phases. The model maker finetunes the footwear and eliminates any production problem thus opening the way to the industrialisation of footwear production. The selection of the materials is also carried out during this phase and AC Studio is authorised to use the licences of Goretex and Vibram just to name a few market company leaders.

Production sourcing

Thanks to its network of contacts and collaborations developed over 30 years, AC Studio can manage the production phase both within the Montebelluna Sportsystem District as well as on a wider scale thanks to the ever-stronger production capacity of the Far East.