The consulting service is very important for AC Studio.

Thanks to an in-depth analysis of competitors and the support offered to the team by the technical-production experts of the company, AC Studio can bring together innovation and technological knowledge and guide them towards the optimization of the production process thanks to a complete and expert  technical, design and footwear structure consultancy.

AC studio guides the client with stylistic and technological indications based on industrial skills, an in-depth knowledge of materials, consumer needs  and assists him in the different phases for a quality collaboration and consultancy. The above requires continuous updating and knowledge of new technologies which constitute a must in AC Studio’s philosophy.

The fundamentals of AC Studio's design consultancy

Target identification

Sector studies, knowledge of the main competitors and placing on the market in the light of trends and sales data.

Company analysis

Analysis of the client's technology and optimisation of the production phase bearing in mind the available technology.

Research into materials

Research into materials and innovative solutions with the subsequent application within the production flow for an optimal result.

Sources and Resources

Thanks to the close-knit network of contacts and collaborations in the industrial design world which it has developed in over thirty years, AC Studio can manage productions both at local level or worldwide.

LocaleSportsystem Montebellunese

Since it operates in the Montebelluna area, AC Studio has the possibility of working with many professional footwear craftsmen and with international companies thus bringing together craftsmanship and large-scale industrial production.

GlobaleFar East Asiatico

If one takes a global look, AC Studio has acquired skills and expertise allowing it to tackle large scale productions by taking advantage of the industrial design in the Far East.